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Brick Wall


Hi, I'm Lizzie! I'm a Brooklyn-based copywriter and communications professional with a Swiss Army knife of skills and experience: copywriting, technical writing, and dramatic writing.


An analytical thinker with a storyteller's knack for narrative, I bring complicated subject matter to life. I thrive in the Venn diagram overlap where individual pieces of content align with an organization's larger mission and strategic goals. 

As a freelancer, I've acquired a variety of skills and experience: technical writing, copywriting, social media, journalism, dramatic writing, video content creation and scriptwriting, and curriculum development and design. I even wrote an historical true-crime audio walking tour about a murderous Harvard professor.

Additionally, I've written content in a variety of verticals: medicine, project management, public relations, entrepreneurship, business coaching, accounting, life coaching...the list goes on. 

My experience in front of the camera (including many years of reading and performing commercial copy!), informs and sharpens my written work. I write with an eye for beats, interpersonal subtitles, and humor.

To view my writing resume, please click below.

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