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Bobby Saulog


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Wink Woodall


recently booked a role on "FBI"! The episode airs May 7th.

I recently played the role of "Beth" in the Independent feature film, "MOOCH."

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Hi, I'm Lizzie Short.


I'm an actor and writer in based in New York and Boston. I've worked primarily in film and television, most recently in supporting roles in Greta Gerwig's Little Women and in the Netflix film I Care a Lot. I take ongoing scene study at the Freeman Studio in New York City. I studied Classics and ran cross-country and track at Dartmouth College.


Some other random things about me:

Last best book I read: To the Lighthouse. Now I want to live on a remote Scottish island and write about the minutiae of daily life.

Go-to fun fact: I used to have a huge gap between my two front teeth when I was little. I'm talking enormous. So big I used to eat spaghetti through it. 

Random 2020 quarantine activity: Drunk baking.

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